Employment History

Senior Software Developer
[Remote: Company based in Kailua, HI.]
Real Geeks, LLC
Joined a growing team responsible for a six-year-old Rails codebase, with the goal of improving code quality and test coverage, building a culture of pair programming, and adding new features. Started a new Rails app for managing email drip campaigns to potential home buyers and sellers, and created another Rails-based microservice to import email into a custom CRM and perform two-way event sync with Google Calendar. Completed multiple significant refactoring efforts, each involving extensive changes to areas of the code that had been "too complicated to touch" for years.
Senior Software Developer
Renewable Funding, LLC
Developed features for multiple Ruby web applications and microservices, designed developer work processes, mentored other developers.
Senior Software Engineer
[Remote: Team distributed across several time zones.]
Maintained and refactored a large monolithic Rails application, formed a new team to work on internal finance-related applications, took ownership of a complex system for calculating sales commissions and eventually removed 23K lines of code from the monolithic app, replacing it with a smaller and cleaner single-purpose app.
Senior Software Developer
Renewable Funding, LLC
Developed and maintained Rails applications, extracted code into internal libraries, contributed to process changes for a five- to eight-person development team, organized and gave "Lunch & Learn" presentations, provided personalized in-house training for less technical stakeholders.
Lead Developer
CTI Solutions Group
Maintained multiple forked versions of several different base apps written in Rails. Wrote a significant amount of code to lay out items in PDF catalogs generated from one such app.
[Remote: Company and clients in New York, NY.]
Zocalo Software
Maintained and extended five bespoke Rails applications with a combined total of 3,000+ active users.
Developer, Teaching Autistic Children, Inc.
[Remote: Company based in Sacramento, CA.]
(Part Time)
Developed an Access-based system for entering developmental assessments for clients, then creating custom charts via Excel automation.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Portland State University, 2007
GPA: 3.73 (cum laude)
Completed Computer Science department Honors program.
Associate of Science
Portland Community College, 2005
GPA: 3.77