Employment History

Senior Software Developer, Real Geeks, LLC
(Remote FTE)
(Portland, OR)
Joined a growing team responsible for a six-year-old Rails codebase, with the goal of improving code quality and test coverage, building a culture of pair programming, and adding new features. Started a new Rails app for managing email drip campaigns to potential home buyers and sellers.
[Company based in Hawaii.]
Senior Software Developer, Renewable Funding, LLC
(Portland, OR)
Developed features for multiple Ruby web applications and microservices, designed developer work processes, mentored other developers.
Senior Software Engineer, LivingSocial
(Remote FTE)
(Portland, OR)
Maintained and refactored a large monolithic Ruby on Rails application, formed a new team to work on internal finance-related applications, took ownership of a complex system for calculating sales commissions and eventually removed 23K lines of code from the monolithic app, replacing it with a smaller and cleaner single-purpose app.
[Team distributed across several time zones.]
Senior Software Developer, Renewable Funding, LLC
(Portland, OR)
Developed and maintained Ruby on Rails applications, extracted code into internal libraries, contributed to process changes for a five- to eight-person development team, organized and gave "Lunch & Learn" presentations, provided personalized in-house training for less technical stakeholders.
Lead Developer, CTI Solutions Group
(Portland, OR)
Maintained far too many Ruby on Rails applications. Wrote a significant amount of code to lay out items in PDF catalogs generated from one of said apps.
Developer, Zocalo Software
(Remote FTE)
(Portland, OR)
Maintained and extended five bespoke Ruby on Rails web applications with a combined total of 3,000+ active users.
[Company and clients in New York, NY.]
[Graduated Portland State University.]
Developer: Outcomes Tracker, version 3
(Portland, OR)
Rewrote the application for the Web using Ruby on Rails, to enable use of the software by teams in Africa as well as the United States.
Developer, Teaching Autistic Children, Inc.
(Remote PTE)
(Portland, OR)
Developed an Access-based system for entering developmental assessments for clients, then creating custom charts via Excel automation.
[Company based in Sacramento, CA.]
Developer: Outcomes Tracker, version 2
(Portland, OR)
Ported user interface and business logic to Visual Basic 6. Added built-in charting, statistics, and filtering features, which removed the need for agencies to spend over $1,000 to purchase licenses for Access and SPSS.
[Returned to college full-time.]
Developer, Personable PC Solutions
(Portland, OR)
Added new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements to two commercial Access-based applications for the health-care industry.
Developer, HellerEhrman
(San Francisco, CA)
Developed and maintained various departmental database applications using Access, Visual Basic, ASP and SQL Server.
Developer: Outcomes Tracker, version 1
(Sacramento, CA)
Created Access 97 database to track pre- and post-test client outcome evaluation scores for social service agencies in Placer County, CA and analyze program impact over time. This version exported data for analysis in SPSS (a commercial statistical package).


Bachelor of Science, Portland State University, 2007
  • Major: Computer Science; Minor: Physics
  • GPA: 3.73 (cum laude)
  • Completed Computer Science department Honors program.
Associate of Science, Portland Community College, 2005
  • Focus: computer science classes.
  • Member, Phi Theta Kappa honor society.
  • GPA: 3.77