Public Speaking

Speaker, Agile Alliance Technical Conference (Conference)
April 2017
(Boston, MA)
Gave an updated 35-minute version of my "Cucumbers Have Layers: A Love Story" talk (see below). The talk was not recorded, but my slides are on SlideShare.
Speaker, RubyConf 2015 (Conference)
November 2015
(San Antonio, TX)
Gave a 40-minute talk titled "Cucumbers Have Layers: A Love Story" about my experiences using (and misusing!) Cucumber over the years, and described a way I used Cucumber in a novel and surprisingly effective way. Video is on YouTube. Slides are on SlideShare. As usual, I also volunteered as a Guide for the Opportunity Scholarship program.
Speaker, Cascadia Ruby 2014 (Conference)
August 2014
(Portland, OR)
Gave a lightly updated version of my "Cognitive Shortcuts" talk (see below). Also helped run the Opportunity Scholarship program.
Speaker, RailsConf 2014 (Conference)
April 2014
(Chicago, IL)
Gave a 30-minute talk titled "Cognitive Shortcuts" about techniques for grappling with abstract programming problems, as well as cognitive bias inherent in those techniques. Video is on YouTube. Slides are on SlideShare. And, for the second year in a row, I volunteered as a Guide for an Opportunity Scholarship program.
Guest Instructor, Ada Developers Academy (Code School)
November 2013, January 2014, November 2014
(Seattle, WA)
Ada Developers Academy is a one-year programming school for women. I visited the first and second cohorts to cover the fundamentals of test-driven development.
Speaker, Cascadia Ruby 2013 (Conference)
October 2013
(Portland, OR)
Gave an updated, streamlined version of my "Fluent Refactoring" talk. Video is on YouTube. Slides are on SlideShare.
Speaker, Lone Star Ruby Conf 2013 (Conference)
July 2013
(Austin, TX)
Gave a 40-minute talk titled "Fluent Refactoring" describing refactoring techniques and strategies. Video is on YouTube. Slides are on SlideShare. I also volunteered as an instructor for the one-day RailsBridge workshop before the conference proper.
Speaker, Open Source Bridge 2013 (Conference)
June 2013
(Portland, OR)
Presented a talk about tools for remote pair programming to approximately 30 attendees. At the end, I invited the group to join me in a shared terminal session; we counted 17 simultaneous participants.
Remote Speaker, gSchool (now Turing School) (Code School)
February 2013
Gave a guest lecture on pair programming to students in the first gSchool class of Ruby developers. (gSchool is a software training program created by Jeff Casimir, who was the lead instructor for Hungry Academy—about which, see below.) I delivered the lecture via Skype, and recorded it on my computer; you can watch the 45-minute YouTube video. (Transcript and slides are also available—see links in the description.)
Speaker, Cascadia Ruby 2011 (Conference)
July 2011
(Seattle, WA)
I went to Cascadia Ruby as an attendee, and when a keynote speaker used less than half of his timeslot, the organizers asked if anyone had submitted a proposal that wasn't selected. I raised my hand, and three minutes later I gave an impromptu version of my "Think Like (a) Git" talk to about 150 Rubyists. Video at YouTube (but seriously, it's not a great talk; go watch any of the other ones).
Speaker, BarCamp Portland 5 (Conference)
May 2011
(Portland, OR)
Presented "Think Like (a) Git" (adapted from a "lunch and learn" talk I gave at work) to about 20 attendees at a local unconference.